About Me

Brian Houdek Family

When you work with Brian Houdek Web Design you work with me. A skilled freelance website designer and marketing expert in the Chicago area.

The personalized service I provide for my clients is what sets Brian Houdek Web Design apart from other website and graphic design firms. As my client you won’t have to worry about who to speak to when you call your firm – I will always be your direct contact. I take great pride in the fact that I do not outsource any website or graphic design work. As a freelance website and graphic designer, I can show you how an effective website and marketing campaign can help your business become more profitable.

Too often I have clients come to me from other firms that were grossly overcharged for website or graphic design services, mistreated or completely ignored. I listen to my client’s needs. I work cooperatively with clients to create a perfect website that will not only be visually appealing but also increase profitability.

My Background

I entered the technology industry at a tough time in the early 2000’s. Due to the lack of opportunities, I ended up pursuing a career as a Firefighter/Paramedic and I’m a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic in a western suburb of Chicago. I love being a Firefighter but my passion for web design never dissipated. After the birth of my first daughter (I have 3 beautiful daughters and an amazing son), I decided to start my own freelance web design firm and never looked back. I believe if you treat clients with respect and create great websites at a reasonable price the business will follow.

My Knowledge

I’m fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap and JQuery. I’ve built websites using strictly HTML and CSS but I’ve found the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is a better solution for most clients. I also have experience building successful eCommerce websites based on the WooCommerce platform. I host all the websites I create on a VPS server with InMotion Hosting, which means every website has its own control panel, also known as a CPanel.  This is essential for most companies because I have the ability to host email and allocate server resources. InMotion Hosting has a 99.9% uptime and is 100% in the United States. I’m very proficient with Adobe products, which I use for graphic design (Primarily Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom).