Welcome to Brian Houdek Web Design 2.0

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I would like to thank all of my clients that have helped me grow Brian Houdek Web Design over the years. My website and graphic design skills have grown immensely since I started Brian Houdek Web Design, so I needed to redesign my website to reflect that. Welcome to Brian Houdek Web Design 2.0. Many of my clients’ commented on how much better their websites were than my own, so this was a necessity. It’s kind of like a mechanic who tries to avoid working on his own cars at all costs (my father is THAT mechanic). I’ve been blessed with consistent work coming my way since day one. Working on my own website without getting paid was not much of a priority. Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore.

My intention with the Brian Houdek Web Design Blog is to provide information that will not only be beneficial to my existing clients, but also become a resource for other website designers, business owners and pretty much anyone who is interested in similar things to me. I will cover topics that will range the full spectrum of my abilities. Website Design, Graphic Design, eCommerce Websites (Including Magento and WooCommerce), Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Advertising and Statistics are a few of those topics I’ll cover. I’ll try to keep things basic so anyone can understand, but sometimes it’s impossible because I work on a lot of very complicated things.

Not anyone can be a website designer, but anyone can get a basic understanding of how website design affects their business. If you have any questions that you would like me to address on this blog please let me know and I’ll do my best to post on that topic.

Thanks again for visiting my website and blog. I look forward to helping you learn a little bit more about what I do.